CleanPilot Academy = Smart digital training and competence building

At Datec, we know that the development of competence and training support is important for all companies. Through Covid-19, we have been inspired and challenged to make this even more accessible to our customers and CleanPilot users.

The result is CleanPilot Academy!

CleanPilot Academy is a digital competence and training platform that is available to all CleanPilot users, regardless of role and responsibilities - anytime, anywhere.

  • It is seamlessly integrated with CleanPilot and never more than a "push" away, on a tablet or PC.
  • It consists of short and informative videos, and related exercises.
  • It includes smart FAQs where you get answers to the questions that are not covered by the video training.
  • It includes a support service with effective response if you should experience that the tool does not work properly.
  • With CleanPilot Academy, you do not have to worry about high training costs or a lot of "lost" working time. At the same time, you can feel confident that your employees always have the training at hand, and the flexibility they want to do the training when and where it suits them.

Want to know more about how this can create value for you and your business?

Watch our CleanPilot movie or contact us today for more information.