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Damage, loss or significant delay of goods

Dear Customer

Thank you for posting your claim through our website. We regret your need for this solution, as it probably means you have had a situation where Geodis, or one of our partners, did not meet your expectations.

Damage, loss or significant delay of goods is unfortunately a possibility within the transport process. When it happens, we aim to handle your claim as professionally and quickly as possible. Therefore, it is very important for both you and Geodis, that you complete our review form thoroughly.

We draw your attention to our conditions of carriage and to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders - NSAB 2015* - available at the link below. Furthermore, we refer to the Carriers Liability, our General Trading Conditions, and Claim notice rules, which usually can be found on the back of your transport document.

Finally, it is important that you immediately notify your insurance company of any damage, loss or significant delay, if your company has taken out a separate transport insurance.

* with the exception of § 20 B of said Conditions under which our liability is limited to SDR 100 000 per assignment.