CMG AdvisorCentral Weekly Update #73 Tuesday, July 12, 2016
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Gold Remains Bullish, Equity Valuations High
Gold moved into a cyclical bull market environment in January and the trend remains bullish.  I like gold for up to 10% of a total portfolio structure. Today let’s take a look at what the most recent equity market valuation data is telling us.  We’ll look at one-to-three year, seven-year and 10-year forward time horizons.
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A Great First Half for Long Duration Bonds and High Yield
Bonds, utilities and gold show the strongest relative price strength. The Zweig Bond signal is one of my favorite processes to identify when to shorten high-quality bond maturities and when to lengthen maturities.  ETFs can be used to position into short-term exposure (e.g., on Sell signals: favor “BIL”) or long-term bond market exposure (e.g., on Buy signals: favor ETFs such as “TLT,” “LQD” and “AGG”).
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