March 13 and 26
09.00-10.30 AM


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Invitation: Webinars x2 on the German Healthcare System and Market for Digital Health
March 13 and 26, 2024

Swecare, in collaboration with Swedish Medtech, invites you to two webinars that will give you increased knowledge on the German Healthcare system and first-hand insights on the German market for Digital Health. 

The healthcare industry in Germany is undergoing massive digitalization. By 2025, the German digital health market is projected to be worth EUR 57 billion. The Digital Care Act (DVG) now paves the way to broad usage and reimbursement of digital health applications (DIGAs), providing access to digital health applications on prescription to 73 million insured Germans. A number of telemedicine initiatives have also sprung up in recent years, with about 200 telemedicine projects currently active in Germany. 

Germany is Europe's largest healthcare and life sciences market, with healthcare spending exceeding EUR 475 billion and market growth of 5.4 percent over the past five years. With 1,900 hospitals, many of them privately operated, with a capacity of +500,000 beds, Germany has the largest hospital sector in Europe.

About the Webinars

Webinar 1: Introduction to German Healthcare | March 13, 09.00-10.30 AM
Micahel Weisser, AiM,  Mattias Kyhlstedt, Synergus RWE, both part of IGES
In this webinar, you will be given an overview of the German Healthcare system focused on how to establish reimbursement for a new medical device:

  • Overview of the healthcare system, including financing and stakeholders involved
  • Reimbursement for:
    • Products used in the in-patient setting
    • Products used in the out-patient setting      
    • Medical Aids
    • Diagnostics
  • Opportunities for Coverage with Evidence Development
  • Understanding the role of HTA and evidence requirements.
The webinar concludes with a presentation on standardization of tools within digitalization, by Petra Fogelberg, Swedish Institute for Standards.

Webinar 2: Digital Health Reimbursement in Germany | March 26, 09.00-10.30 AM
Michael Weisser, AiM, Mattias Kyhlstedt, Synergus RWE, Marc Kurepkat, CSG. All part of IGES. 
Germany is a pioneer in establishing a national reimbursement system for digital solutions focused on patients through the DiGA and DIPA process. In this webinar, the following topics will be covered:
  • European overview of digital health pathways and essential concepts to understand regarding reimbursement processes.
  • The German DiGA and DIPA process
  • Lessons learnt from doing clinical trials for DiGA application.
The webinar concludes with advice on business culture and do's and don'ts in Germany, by Carl Sernbo from Business Sweden in Berlin.

Michael Weisser

CEO AiM GmbH. His field of work comprises the reimbursement of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are based on the use of medical devices, including digital technologies. This involves research, processing and analysis of circumstances in various health and insurance systems in the European and German context and the subsequent derivation of market access strategies.

Mattias Kyhlstedt

CEO and founder of Synergus RWE, providing market access services in Western Europe and Real-World Evidence studies with some of the richest datasets in the world. He has an in-depth understanding of the pathways to reimbursement in Europe for Medical Devices and Digital Solutions and how to address the evidence requirements by different authorities best.

Marc Kurepkat

Doctorate in medicine and specialist in general medicine, studied human medicine at the Free University of Berlin. Clinical training in internal medicine and geriatrics, work as an emergency physician, doctorate in infectiology. Outpatient clinical work to date. Has held leading positions in the health sector for more than 25 years. Been associated with the IGES Group since 2001, since May 2020 as CEO of CSG.


Dates: March 13 and 26
Time: 09.00-10.30 AM
Participation fee: Free for Swecare and Swedish Medtech members, non-members 500 SEK
Registration deadline: March 10
More info: stella.ezimoha[@]swecare.se

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... Get the most out of the webinars: Join us to Berlin, April 8-11! 

Swecare, in collaboration with Sahlgrenska Science Park, the Embassy of Sweden in Berlin, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Medtech and Business Sweden, invites you to a delegation to Berlin, including participation in DMEA eHealth expo, meetings and mingle with public and private stakeholders in German healthcare, with a focus on digital health