AFHAM Forex House is partner with FSA & Central Bank regulated companies
Online Trading Platform – MT4
Shariah Compliant Islamic Accounts
Managed Accounts
Training Services | Learn Forex from Professionals
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Trading Account

Self trading account is wherein a customer is given a trading platform provided by our regulated partners and he can trade on this own.

Pool Account

Pool account is where a number of customers can pool in their funds together and we execute the trade as a pool.

Managed Account

Managed accounts are more customized accounts where in our traders aim at targeted returns. Also this runs on a profit sharing basis.

The AFHAM GROUP traces its origin back to almost 25 years ago and it owns companies ranging from Trading, Real estate and Finance.
AFHAM Forex House is the Admin & Training office of AFHAM Financials Limited, B.V.I.

Dedicated Money Managers
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Pool Investments
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