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The beginning of something new

Warmest welcome to ÅF!

You are now about to embark a new journey and here you will find inspiration and information to make your first time at ÅF as good as possible.

Parts of the content you will be able to access directly and other parts you will be able to access after you have received your ÅF log in details.

Links that require login are marked with a *. You will get your log in details from your closest manager or from HR.

Our manager and the HR team in your country will provide you with more information about practical preparations and your first time at ÅF.

Welcome from a colleague:



If you have problem with your computer, file server, the Intranet ONE or e-mail, ask your manager or local HR person for the routines for IT support. Some countries have local IT contacts, some uses the ÅF-general Service Desk. 

We use MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) for accessing Office365 services, like Outlook, OneDrive, Skype for Business. We recommend that you install the Microsoft Authenticator App, but you can of course choose to use a pin code if you choose to wait for your new IT equipment. You find instructions regarding MFA here.

ÅF-general Service Desk
In Tieto self service portal* you may register a support errand. 

You may also contact Service Desk via telephone:
+46 10 50 51711

Or via e-mail:

If your matter is urgent, call!

E-mail signature

On ÅF's marketing and communication wiki* on the Intranet ONE you will find everything worth knowing about marketing and communication!

E-mail signature* - Here you will find information on how to create a correct English ÅF e-mail signature. Ask your manager about the routines for e-mail signatures in local languages.

Business cards

Ask your manager about the local routines for ordering business cards.

HR information

If you have questions about your employment, our different career paths or similar, you may contact HR.

On the HR pages on ONE*; you find more information and contact details to the HR teams in our different countries.  


At ÅF we have trainings in everything from technical niches to leadership and rhetoric. Our own academy is call ÅF Academy and here we have a broad offer of different courses.

Your first step is to take the sustainability training and read the overview of ÅF's operations system, read more further down here.

If you want to learn more about training opportunities offered in your country, talk to your manager and/or the local HR team. Click here* to see HR contacts for different countries.

Welcome to ÅF course

In ÅF Academy’s course catalogue*, you will find the course “Welcome to ÅF”. This is a one-day course in Stockholm, offered to all new employees. It is mandatory for new employees in Sweden, and optional for new employees outside Sweden depending on the local introduction process.

If you would like to know more about this course or local introduction courses, contact your local HR team.

Sustainability training

To aim for, and contribute to, a more sustainable world is important at ÅF. Our strategy for sustainable development demands an understanding for sustainability throughout the whole organisation, all the way down to individual level.

During the first time at ÅF, you should take the Sustainability training . It is an online training that gives you basic understanding of ÅF’s view on sustainability. It takes ~45 minutes to complete and should be completed within 3 months of employment.

Here you find ÅF's Sustainability training*.

ÅF's operations systems

Here you find* an introduction to ÅF's operations systems.

Click here* to read more about the quality assurance process at ÅF.

Get to know ÅF

February 22, 2019 ÅF has acquired Pöyry, which means that we strengthen our position globally. We also welcome more than 6000 new colleagues. This page is not updated with information about the acquisition.

ÅF's corporate movie

Our culture

Read more about the culture at your new employer.

Meet your colleagues

How is it to work at ÅF? Here you fint some voices from all around ÅF.


CEO blog

Read the blog from our CEO Jonas Gustavsson to hear what is on his agenda and follow his job at ÅF.

Link to the blog*. To see the blog you need to login with your ÅF credentials.


Your first weeks at ÅF

Here you’ll find some information about activities and practical preparations about your first time at ÅF. Your manager and the local HR team will provide more activities and information.

ÅF knowledge

  • Under the headline Get to know ÅF you’ll find different movies and links.
  • Take the Sustainability training. See link under Training.
  • Find out which technical areas and ÅF units are represented at your office.
  • If you look at your own or a colleagues profile on the Intranet ONE you’ll find a tab called “Organization”. Here you are able to see colleagues and managers connected you or your colleague.
  • If you click on “My units” in ONE you’ll find a link called “Browse ÅF”. Here you can explore our large organization and see all different units and technical fields.

  • Fill in your CV. See link under the headline Practicalities.
  • Open Word, Powerpoint and Excel and get acquainted with the ÅF templates.


ÅF in social media
International division on Instagram
Technology division on Instagram

The intranet called ONE (one.afconsult.com*)
At the intranet you can find global and local news from all around ÅF, competence groups, ÅF's project place, information about all support functions; HR, IT, economy etc, and much more.

At the intranet start page you can find a list of useful links to career model, invoice systam etc. 

Here is a link to the support site, where you can find information about topics frequently asked/searched for at ONE.

Use your employee numer (AXXXXXX) and your ÅF password, given from your manager, to log in to the intranet ONE.

ÅF's webpage (www.afconsult.com)
Here you find information about ÅF - what we do, vacancies, annual reports etc.

Office 365 (www.office.com)
Here you find your webmail and your personal folder, OneDrive. You login with your ÅF email-address and the ÅF password given from your manager.

As an employee at ÅF it is important that you are aware of the policies at ÅF. Here you find information and documents to read.