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Every 4 years the American voters look around and decide who to elect as President.  The decision of who to vote for is not always an easy decision.

Voters listen to speeches, watch ads, maybe go and stand for hours at a rally....

Many times, voters end up saying that they are chosing the "lesser of two (or more) evils." This is because those who end up on the final ballots are not the person they would have ideally chosen.

But IF someone is voting for one of the presidential candidates, why do they end up choosing that candidate?  

Well, because somewhere along the line that candidate said or did something that convinced them, made them feel or believe that they were the better candidate.

Or, the other candidate was so "bad" the voter decided that they would oppose him or her.  

But sometimes there are some candidates who have a very enthusiastic following of voters who love them.  Why is that? 

There are many reasons, one of which is a match of values and style. CODE BLUE in the WHITE HOUSE: What Successful Presidents Sell Voters to Win Elections is an exploration of the reasons. And the unconscious ways that the candidate might be influencing you.

Actually, there are many factors that are involved in the complicated process of getting elected by a majority of voters.

Buy this book to learn the tricks used by candidates to manipulate your opinion and brain so that you will vote for them!

Or perhaps you can use it to become President yourself.
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