What is most important for YOU as our next development?

At Projectplace we often wonder what will have the most positive effect for our users when we prioritise development. I think it's high time we ask you what your opinion is on the matter. These are some of our top areas when we talk about what to focus on next in our development. Now I would like to know which one is your personal favourite. 

I realise that you may want all of them; we would like to develop all of them. But which one to start with? Which one is priority one? Right now we are focusing on the next step in Planning but the Prouct Council has started thinking about what should be in the pipe after that. 

Our next Product Council is on the 7th of October and this is at the top of our agenda then. Please take a moment to provide us with some feedback. I will give you feedback on how we used your information in a blog post the following week.

All the best and thank you in advance,
Karolina Jackson-Ward
Community Manager at Projectplace International AB
1. Which of the following would be most important for you as an improvement to your work in Projectplace
You only get to choose one, but feel free to comment on the others as well

What is currently at the very top of your wishlist at Projectplace?
If none of the above is what is most important to you, then please tell me what you would most like to see implemented in Projectplace.
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