A dear visitor in Uddevalla!
M/T Tamina called Uddevalla a week in July
A very special call as the vessel is registrated in Uddevalla. The town has very few vessels with homeport Uddevalla registrated, so we are especially proud for this call.

The 7 days visit was for maintainance and preparation before departure to Chile, where her new owner is situated. M/T Tamina has previously served the westcoast of Sweden as a bunker ship.

Good luck in the future and Bon Voyage!
A comeback for housing modules
Import of housing modules has lately increased and we are observing a raise in theese quick building-solutions.
Construction of house modules are considered as a well functioning alternative as a quick solutions for housing problems.

Modules are discharged from vessels and stored in our storage area at Sörvik terminal. Further sent by truck to different building areas in Sweden. Our close location to large roads and well functioning infrastructure is very competitive. To have the possibility of providing good shipping solutions, Port of Uddevalla is appointed as a port of national interest. In addition to that, we can also offer electricity connections to most of our quays. 
J.Carrión establishes a base in Uddevalla
Transporting company J.Carrión have started up a base for transports in our Fröland area.
The establishing purpose is a corral for their vehicles and staff. Buildings with WiFi-access and the fenced area is safe for both staff and cargo. The location close to E6 is a further advantage.

Large storage areas and access to facilities makes this customized solution at our Fröland area possible.
Euroafrica Line operates in Port of Uddevalla
During the autumn 2015 Euroafrica Line will make monthly calls to Uddevalla.
The company offers conventional service to Dakar, Takoradi and Lagos, among other West-African ports. Inquirys and bookings are handled by SOL in Gothenburg.
Svenska Orient Linien
The rebuilding of tunnels, road no. 44 in Uddevalla
Rebuilding and maintainance of the tunnels will take place in three stages during the period from 2015-09-29 to. 2017-12-31. We expect no disturbance or traffic delays at the Port.
Stage 1: from. 2015-09-29 to. 2015-11-30
Stage 2: from Mars to November 2016
Stage 3: from Mars to December 2017

Road-users are recommendated to find alternativ roads to reduce the traffic in the tunnels during the rebuilding phases. Part of traffic will be diverted to the "old E6"-road through the area of Benders, where there will be a speed limit of 50 km/hr. For detailed information, please continue to Trafikverkets website in the link below.
Our newest employee!
Håkan Gustavsson is our newest collegue. He is stationed at our maintainance department and will among other things keep our cranes in mint condition.



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