Shipping opportunities to South America this summer
It is time to re-start the traffic from the port of Uddevalla to the west coast of South America. The reason is simply the increase in business taking place in South America
After several years of RoRo and LoLo shipping, mainly to transport used trucks but also new vehicles, the traffic to South America has been at a standstill since the beginning of this year. However, now it seems like the market in South America is back on track and we are noticing an increase in traffic with notified shipping opportunities this coming summer.

The ships will mainly head for ports in Callao, Valparaiso, Iquique and San Antonio. The RoRo-traffic will be organized by the leading shipping industry in South America, CSAV, and they will accept all kinds of rolling cargo. Regarding the LoLo-traffic, we will, through SWD, have the opportunity to accept not only vehicles, but also containers, project cargo and general cargo.
More than two kilometers to dock your ship
Did you know that the port of Uddevalla can offer you more than two kilometers of docking space? This will naturally provide great opportunities for docking a ship
The port of Uddevalla and the surrounding area has been classified as an area of national interest – partly since it can offer the maritime transport space for docking, in times of less activity or while repairing the ship.

In total the port of Uddevalla offers more than 2 300 meters of docking space and the area has also safe berthing places, where it is possible to anchor and stern-fast the ships by one of the small islands in Byfjorden.
Thousands of tons of grain loaded in the port
The deliveries of grain are continuously increasing. Over the coming weeks more than 50 000 tons of wheat and barley will be shipped from the port of Uddevalla.
The reputation of Swedish grain is spreading around the world, mainly due to its good quality. This has probably contributed to the increase in deliveries of grain departing from the port of Uddevalla.

During the coming weeks the port will accommodate two large vessels that will be loaded with wheat and barley. In total more than 50 000 tons of grain will be loaded on to ships with overseas destinations. The grain will be loaded from Svenska Foders’ own facility in the port; however, they will also use smaller vessels from other Swedish ports to deliver grain for further transport.
The railway is heading for a facelift
The port of Uddevalla will restore its old railway. The investment includes, among other things, that rails will be amended and lengthened.
The reason for investing in restoration of the railway is to improve the already existing railway alternatives in Uddevalla. During the restoration the part of the railway will be renovated. Additionally, one of the two rails running through the Sörvik area, will be lengthened by 400 meters.
Monster trucks for flexibility – and heavy lifting
What would you say about a truck so flexible your can lift two engines, each with a weight of 76 tons, from a railway to a special trailer? Well, that is exactly what our reach stackers did most recently.
Reach stackers, used to handle intermodal cargo containers, are very flexible tools. And the good thing is that they create an endless list of things you can use them for. Add to that our skilled and experienced drivers, who handle these monster trucks with great precision, and you will have great opportunities to create new project at the port.

In Uddevalla we have used this opportunity in several projects and the reach stackers are playing a major part, some examples of this would be loading of tanks, handling of wind turbines, lifting of transformers and loading and unloading of house modules.

Or how about one of our latest examples when we used two reach stackers to lift two 76 tons heavy engines of the T43 model. The reach stackers reloaded the engines from the railway to a special trailer. That’s what we call heavy lifting!
The summer is here

The summer is finally here. I hope it will come with sunshine, warm days and restorative recreation. The spring has consisted of increased growth for the port and we are experiencing indications that this will continue. This, of course, means opportunities for us to strengthen our position on the market. We would like to see that these activities have a stable growth here at the port of Uddevalla, as the economic environment is harmonizing with the international market. In that case, the port of Uddevalla can experience a growth where we can find a balance between staff and volume of cargo.

Lately our operations have suffered from shortage in forward planning, yet we have had substantial volumes of cargo. There are certain kinds of cargo that is not on our list so far; however we have seen new types of cargo coming in and leaving the port. We are very grateful for this and we will continue or focus on quality and sustainable transports within our area of responsibility.

From all the staff at the port of Uddevalla – we wish you a great summer!

Ulf Stenberg
Managing Director 

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