New design – new website
We are continually working on modernising and updating our company, and a very important part of that is our website. It makes it possible for our customers find necessary information about what is happening or who to contact.

We know that information about arriving and leaving vessels is important as well as the possibilities to find and fill out documentation.

You will find our new updated website at, and it is accessible from your computer, tablet and smartphone. 
Large surfaces with great opportunities
The port of Uddevalla has 39 000 square metres storage surface in different magazines available for customers. Additionally we have another 580 000 square metres open surface for storage. Naturally this gives us an unbeatable flexibility as well as an opportunity to store everything from vehicles to wind turbines.

Our latest investment, M80 – a 6 000 square metres large magazine – has been in our operations for two years now and it is perfect for storing paper and bulk. Our open magazines, on the other hand, are especially suitable for storing timber.

Are you in need of storage surface? Please, let us know and we will tell you more!
Direct shipping
to the US
Do you have cargo ready for export to the US? During the spring and summer this year we will offer shipping opportunities directly from the port of Uddevalla to the American west coast. The next opportunity is estimated to mid April (week 16) and the next one after that is due in August.
New towing possibilities ahead
We are now able to offer yet another alternative for our towing services. The company Buksér og Berging AS, based in Stenungsund, will from now on assist from the port of Uddevalla. Their operations will be run in parallel with the Danish shipping company Svitzer, who has assisted in the port for several years.

Please, contact us if you need further information.
New improved rules on sulphur
As from January 11, 2015, new regulations on sulphur are being introduced within the SECA-zon. From now on vessels in traffic in northern Europe are obliged to use fuel containing a maximum of 0,1 percent sulphur.

The increase of freight, due to higher fuel rate, did not turn out as substantial as expected, as a result of the decrease in the global market price.

We have registered an interest in the new regulations here in Uddevalla and we also note an increase in the volume. Additionally some of the cargo has been diverted from the east coast to the west coast of Sweden. 
Happy customers
We would like to say thank you to all of you taking part in our customer survey – we are really proud of the result. In seven out of eight areas we have improved our results since the previous survey in 2012.

In average we received 4,3 points out of 5, which is an increase with 0,2 percentage points. Our customers are especially pleased with our accessibility and the service we deliver in relation to their expectations. However, we are always aiming to get become even better!
2014 – a good year for the port of Uddevalla

We are happy to announce that the financial result for 2014 turned out even better than we had expected. The amount of cargo we handle increased and the total volume ended up on 981 000 tonnes.

Subsequently, the financial outcome turned out better than budget and after two meagre years this is naturally a welcome result. For more detailed information, please visit our website on

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