Newsletter March 2017 

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Greater vessels escalates
We have the last few years seen a tendency that the vessels calling at Uddevalla is growing, both in quantity and size.
The difference in the number of incoming vessels between 2015 and 2016 is small, 269 to 272, but is still of great significance. The gross tonnage has increased by 34%, from 2015; 1,310,717 tons to 2016; 1,777,794 tons.

This is a very positive trend, both for the port and for the environment!
Hollywood calling at the Port of Uddevalla
The recording of Lars Von Trier's new movie; The House That Jack Built, is in full swing in the forests of Dalsland.
We also got our 15 minutes of fame, when one of the port's workshops acted as gun shop one day. In a short scene, the camera will make a sweeping over our truck parking, and then finish with the mass murderer, played by Matt Dillon, going into the gun shop. The scenes inside are filmed in Trollhättan
Trestad takes ground as a growth zone
Due to start-ups and investment the Trestad-area,which consists of Uddevalla, Vänersborg and Trollhättan, is an area increasing as a good logistics spot and growth zone. This is where the regions of Gothenburg and Oslo meet and it is also here Scandinavia's demographic center i situated.
Uddevalla Hamnterminal cooperates with Position Väst, who is a regional partner of Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council. On behalf of 17 western Swedish municipalities, they offer services that facilitate companies' decision-making and establishment process. Position Väst have high expertise, strong network, good communications, plenty of land and premises, a well-developed IT infrastructure, a favorable climate for innovation and fantastic settings to live in.

Port of Uddevalla plays an important role in when it comes to establishments in the region. We can, by offering large areas, available warehouses and a deep-water port be helpful with establishing of companies in our area. An example of this is Thomas Cements terminal building at Skeppsholmenpiren, which is being built right at this moment.
Railcars on exports to Montevideo
A total of seven railcars where reloaded at Uddevalla Hamnterminal, for export to Uruguay on behalf of their national railway company AFE.
The railcars, which was of the Y1 model, has been bought by NetRail from Värmlandstrafik. After being renovated by Tågab in Kristinehamn they were now ready for delivery to their buyer.

After being discharged from railway and loaded to trailer here in Uddevalla, the railcars where transported to Wallhamn for export to Montevideo in Urugay in Grimaldi's house. In Montevideo, the railcars will be used for localtraffic, among with five identical railcars, which where resold by Kalmar Länstrafik in 2013.

Photo: Michael Ingman / Jan Rehnberg
Visit from Chalmers university of technology
On 27 march we got a visit from Johan Delvert, who is studying Masters of architecture at Chalmers university of technology  
Johan is currently writing his examwork and in connection with this he has a collaboration with Uddevalla municipality. The purpose of the collaboration is to develop a proposal on how to rehabilitate and develop the inner harbor in the port area with the help of phytoremediation (purification using plants).

Our CEO, Ulf Stenberg took him for a walk in the harbor area and got an opportunity to talk about how this is exactly in line with the Uddevalla Hamnterminals visions of the future and a successive move out to Sörvik and Fröland.
Concrete is booming when building
During the next 20 years, Gothenburg will grow in a fast pace, several new areas will be built and other areas are growing larger. In modern construction you often use concrete elements, and several providers of these are based in the Baltic states.
To transport goods by sea instead of road provides major environmental benefits, this is something which often is communicated by the authorities, ports and shipping companies. With this in mind, Uddevalla Hamnterminal are working intensively on a project where deliveries to construction sites can be shifted from road to sea.

Port of Uddevalla can provide just-in-time deliveries to the construction sites in Gothenburg. Our experience from several previous projects have also given us knowledge of the requirements producers and construction companies have on their partners
We deliver what our customers want

... that's what our latest customer survey clearly show. The throughput of goods in our warehouses and our outdoor areas have generally increased in line with demand. The trend is that goods volumes increases more on the import side than the export. These are the indications we have received from our customers for a while and now, at the beginning of this year, is being confirmed also in reality.

The first few months have been positive with an equal distribution of goods across our quays. It is Sörvik area and terminal operations that stand out from other volumes. In the coming year we will concentrate our efforts on raising the level of quality of everything we do for our clients, in order to maintain our market position in western Sweden.
Brexit, trade barriers and other unrest in our world can lead to a stagnation of world trade in the future. But we in Western Sweden could then see an advantage in that it is now underway and planned major construction and renovation projects in Gothenburg and its neighboring areas. This is something that can help us keep a steady flow of goods even though the outside world also impacts on our business.

And, let´s not forget our ongoing establishments in the port which also will be a stabilizing factor during the current year.

With a wish for a lovely spring and stable cargo volumes!

Ulf Stenberg, CEO

Newly employed:

Kristoffer Karlin, stevedore
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