Newsletter June 2016

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Feeder ship unloaded containers in Uddevalla
During May, we received a feeder with importcontainers for unloading. The cargo consisted of containers from three shipping companies; COSCO, China Shipping and Yang Ming.
Despite the very short notice we managed to unload the 344 containers on time and the vessel sailed as scheduled. This was a good opportunity for us to test our equipment, our processes and our ability to handle a modern container ship.
The release of containers from our terminal also worked very smoothly. With trucks having to a waít for a maximum of 30 minutes, they were quickly on their way to customers with containers.
Weigh containers according to SOLAS new rules in Uddevalla.
We can quickly and effectively weigh and issue a weight certificate in accordance with SOLAS - VGMs new regulations, on our crowned, certified scales.
Whether your containers are stuffed in Uddevalla port or at another location, there are excellent opportunities to weigh with us. Weighing of loaded containers is made in accordance with SOLAS VGM "Method 1", total weight.
New opportunities for project cargo
We can now present Aseco as new cargo agent  for shipping company SDWs project cargo.
SDW already offers monthly calls from Uddevalla to South America's west coast, and now they can offer new possibilities for projectcargo in cooperation with Aseco.

The vessels used are modern ships that can carry all kinds of project cargo.

Inquiries to Aseco, call +46 31 7437702
Increased capacity on the railroad west of Vänern
Transportverket and NCC will invest in the expansion and strengthening of the railway between Daglösen and Kil.
This is the third stage in the work to improve the railway and provide increased opportunities to use the stretch west of Lake Vänern. This will mean faster and better opportunities for freight transport to and from Uddevalla.
Summer greetings!

From all of us at Uddevalla Hamnterminal
Our summer- and newly employed staff; Erica, Tommy, Christer, Jonas, Eric, José och Albert!
Successful customer event in Uddevalla

During one of the first sunny days of spring we had the pleasure to invite several of our partners from the local area to a seafood cruise with M/S Byfjorden. Good food, good company, great setting!
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