Newsletter October 2016

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SwanFalk integrates into Uddevalla Hamnterminal
During this year, we have gradually worked to move our customers from the subsidiary SwanFalk Shipping to Uddevalla Hamnterminal.
The reason for the move is to simplify procedures and administration. This means, however, no difference for our customers with current routines or contacts. The visible change for customers will be that quotations and invoices will now be sent in Uddevalla Hamnterminals name instead of SwanFalk Shipping.

This mainly concerns of customers within freight forwarding. Clearance and ship agency services will remain in Swanfalk's name.
Grain growing large in Uddevalla
In 2016, volumes have increased in Uddevalla Port and one commodity that stands out is grain.
Harvest have for some years been extremely good. This has led to increase in export of grain from Sweden, for already existing operators and also new operators which have entered the market with regular exports. We have in 2016 seen an increase in the number of vesselcalls and also that there are more larger ships, loading bigger volumes.

Harvest time is short but exports take place regularly during the year. Uddevalla port has the ability to offer storage of grain, to facilitate this. A warehouse for bulk, in the port, has been provided with a special ramp for unloading trucks. This ramp is made in purpose to be able to use existing carriers for high storage of grain.

We have good hope that when 2016 draws to a close, that we for the first time will have shipped out over 300,000 tons of grain from Uddevalla
Uddevalla rising in the ranking of best logistics location
The Swedish newspaper Transportnytt ranks every year Sweden's best logistic spots among Sweden's 50 commercial ports.
Uddevalla is now ranked No. 23 in Sweden, and has climbed from previous No. 27. New establishments and logistics investments in our region is increasing and poses new opportunities for us.

In the first quarter the volume shipped over the quays in Sweden remained unchanged compared with 2015. But in Uddevalla, volumes increased by 15% during the same period, compared with last year, according to statistics (Sveriges Hamnar). The reasons are mainly increased grain exports, more project cargoes, new customers, and also established customers increasing their traffic at Uddevalla Hamnterminal.
SSRS establishes in Uddevalla 
In june, a new sea rescue station was established in Uddevalla
SSRS, Swedish Sea Rescue Society, is an organization that is close to our heart. We have for example in recent years, instead of Christmas presents to customers and business partners, decided to give a gift to help SSRS operations.

 We welcome our new neighbors!
Rescue services new Boom Truck increases safety
Rescue Services in Uddevalla recently invested in a new Boom Truck, with greater capacity and longer range.
The new Boom Truck has an arm that can be tilted negative, meaning down, and not only up as with their previous model. This provides greater security in less accessible places. For example for our crane operators, which now can be more easily reached and rescued in case of emegency. Another improvement is that the basket on the new Boom Truck can withstand 500 kg compared with the previous 250 kg, which means that you can now be four people instead of the previous two in rescue operations.

Uddevalla Hamnterminal and rescue services in Uddevalla has a good working relationship and together we carry out regular exercises to maintain good security in the port area.
Words from CEO

The summer months the port has passed off much the same way as in previous years, that is, with a lot of puzzling and fixing to make sure everything works smoothly. Our staff have enganged in a totally amazing way, which has led to that our goals have been met extremely well even though we sometimes had only half workstrength during the holiday season.
During the year, the reconstruction of Skeppsholmen pier has been ongoing and we expect finalisation of this by 1 November this year. This means a new tank terminal for Wibax as well as for other customers who handle liquid cargo volumes. During the summer, export of sawn timber to the United States started again on a small scale. Overall, the export and import in Uddevalla port continued on its previous positive trend.
Now three important months of 2016 remains. One of the most important things for us is that our project cargoes takes another step in the right direction, that the new tank terminal gets started and that the market focus we decided on is incorporated into our daily operations.

Ulf Stenberg, CEO

Our newest employee:

José Mendieta, who already has been working with our maintenance department for a while, we now welcome as a permanent employee.


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