Newsletter December 2016

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Thomas Cement, part of Thomas Concrete Group. establishes a terminal in Port of Uddevalla
A terminal for adhesives, used in the concrete industry, will be built on Skeppsholmspiren.
This is an investment that further strengthens the fact that the port is, and will continue to be, important for the booming construction industry in the local area - including Gothenburg. This establishment also means an increased number of vessel calls.
"Gothenburg is particularly important for us because during the next few years there will be large infrastructure projects carried out in the city. Thanks to the new plant structure and the new terminal, we are well equipped to meet our customers' growing demand for high-quality concrete "

says Hans Karlander, President and CEO Thomas Concrete Group AB.
Skeppsholmspiren is fully back in business!
After nine months of rebuilding, the new quay at Skeppsholmspiren is now ready to receive vessel calls
The quay has been repaired and rebuilt and it has also been prepared to be able to receive vessels loading och discharging liquid bulk goods.
This investment of 20 million, means greater depth for tankers and new possibilities for us and our customers in the liquid bulk segment.
Loads of ships in the port
In late October there was an all time high of moored vessels
In total, 17 vessels moored with us on 26 October. Among these were two ships who loaded cars and trucks for further export to South America - M/V Hansa Bremen, and M/V CSCC Asia.

Traffic from Uddevalla to South Americas west coast has increased significantly during the year.
Customer survey gave us a rating of 4.25 out of 5!
We are thrilled, both over the rating and for the fact that we got a bigger response than usual on our customer survey
It´s especially good news to us that our website now also ranks above 4.0. Our website has been completely rebuilt since the last customer survey was made.

From the survey, we can also infer that the rating of reachability has decreased. This is something we're currently working on. An example of this is that from December 1, we have a new digital telephone switchboard. This has features that makes it easier for customers to reach the right person immediately.
A safe haven for layed-up vessels
Uddevalla port is designated as a national interest for arranging stand-by/lay-up by berth for vessels 
This has been a neccessity at various times over the years. During the oil crisis of the 1970s you could count to over 30 ships at anchor and along our quays.

Now our services are needed again, this time as assistance for lines that normally operate in the North Sea. Currently there are 13 vessels in Uddevalla awaiting assignment, among these there are tankers, AHTS and supplyvessels.

All vessels awaiting assignments in Uddevalla are able to connect to shore power for electricity supply.
Fresh air for wind power
For some time establishments of wind turbines faded out, but the trend now seems to have turned for wind power
The reasons for the stand still has been several, including low electricity prices and excess of  establishments. But now the situation seems to have turned. We see that there are both new projects being imported and that older wind turbines are being dismantled and replaced. The used ones are then shipped to other markets.

Uddevalla Hamnterminal is highly qualified with dealing with wind turbines, with tailored equipment and skilled staff. We also have the capacity to be used as an intermediate storage for improving and streamlining logistics.
Christimas is knocking on our door..

... .and the past year has been bursting with exciting content. It has been an intense year for our organization, we have expanded our freight volumes and we have enjoyed making plans for our future business. Industry has announced expansions and investments beyond the ordinary, paper mills in Sweden are changing their traditional machines to meet the needs of the future. Due to planned construction sites in Gothenburg, Uddevalla is becoming something of a hub for handling construction material. We will provide the region with materials to build both home, neighborhoods and infrastructure.

In the early summer our hopes for this years were not very high, it was hard to read what would happen in world trade. But the situation stabilized and the industry grew back strong. We can also deduce gratifying results in this year's customer survey that we sent out a few months ago. The results show a high and continously stable level for customer satisfaction.

I want to give a great tribute to all our employees, customers and contractors who have contributed to make sure our focus areas, projects and customer assignments was made possible in 2016. Thank you! We look forward to continued good cooperation 2017.

It's now becoming a tradition that we replace christmas presents to our customers with a dontation to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. This year the amount donated is 20 000 SEK, to make sure that life at sea is kept safe!

We wish all our customers and partners - A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ulf Stenberg, CEO

Newly employed:

Operations Coordinator:
Mikael Larsson

Christer Johansson

Three new stevedores:
Christer Wallin
Lars Näverå
Peter Holmgren

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