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Trelleborg Offshore Insight

Edition 1: March 2016

Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly Trelleborg Offshore newsletter.
Throughout the year we will provide you with an update on our company news, innovation developments and product focusses, as well as highlighting our upcoming events.

Innovation team update

Austin Harbison, New Product Development Manager

At Trelleborg Offshore we consider Product Innovation to be of paramount importance. In support of our customers, we constantly seek to better enable our designs with cutting edge polymers, and to evolve our bespoke solutions to perform at every level.

With over 9 years experience in the subsea industry, I work as part of a team of 15 engineers and scientists, developing new materials and products for use in the offshore arena. The team works hand-in-hand with over 25 dedicated design engineers and material experts, collectively offering hundreds of years of offshore polymer engineering expertise. 

We are here to solve your engineering problems.


Latest innovation development

Innovative Subsea Vibration Suppression System

We have recently launched an innovative new vortex induced vibration (VIV) suppression system.

The Tri-Strake™ Combi, developed to complement the high performance S-Lay capable Tri-Strake™ Stinger system and the cost effective Tri-Strake™ Lite system, not only eases installation but provides added resilience and load bearing capacity, including stinger installation loads.

Subsea excellence for over 30 years

Effective insulation of subsea structures helps maintain flow rates, optimize productivity, reduce processing costs and provide the best defense against wax and hydrate formations.

For over 30 years, Trelleborg Offshore has delivered thermal insulation solutions to the oil and gas industry.  

Latest Trelleborg Offshore news

Below is a selection of the latest news from Trelleborg Offshore:

Trelleborg Uraduct receives API 17L1 Certificate for Material Verification

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Trelleborg protects I-Tube from Fire on Egina FPSO

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Trelleborg's Bend Restictors receive API 17L1 Certificate of Manufacture Approval

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A Next Level Report of the offshore market

The ever challenging offshore industry is going through a period of slowed growth, with low crude oil prices having an impact. Some projects are being disrupted by the dip and pressure is being felt across supply chains. But is the industry truly working as effectively as it can in these times of austerity, or are gaps between the supply chain and clients / Independant Oil Companies having an effect?

The survey has uncovered numerous gaps within the supply chain; between people, knowledge, approach and even the different operating levels themselves. From topside to subsea, there appears to be some opportunities for improvement. Only by acknowledging these and taking steps to progress them, will the industry advance.

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Upcoming events



22-24 March

Subsea Tieback, San Antonio

22-25 March

OTC Asia, Kuala Lumpur